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Wonders of His Love on Sale
-We are currently selling the book Wonders of His Love written by Patricia (Trish) Lipinski at Saint Luke's Medical Clinic or by mail. All Proceeds will go directly to the foundation.





Our Mission:

The Mission of the Saint Luke's Medical Foundation is to provide financial aid to individuals that need help paying for required medical care.

Oftentimes, patient’s concerns and needs fall outside of routine treatment and management of illnesses and injuries.  Sometimes, patients must be directed to outside services and information.  In increasing frequency, many patients also require direct financial help to meet urgent needs crucial to their health and well-being.  Without help, they are unable to purchase medications (or even pay nominal insurance co-pays), afford medical tests, pay for medically-related transportation, or even buy food and nutritional products essential to health.  These kinds of needs are addressed by Saint Luke's Medical Foundation.

Our Goals:

-Encourage patients and their families to find hope in their lives and in doing so, promote their health both physically and spiritually.

-Provide funds, services, and goods for health care of the needy, indigent, low income, uninsured, and underinsured persons and families.

-Educate families and patients and the public about health care related issues.





The Need:

Throughout the area, demand for human services is rapidly increasing.

According to Compass of Larimer County, over the last 5 years the number of individuals living in poverty in Larimer County has increased by 30.5%.

-According to United Way, there are 41,861 residents living in poverty in Larimer County. Of those considered to be living in poverty, two out of three people are currently employed.

-Elderly people are often faced with the decision to buy needed medications or food.

It is for these reasons that Saint Luke's Medical Foundation is needed and needs your help.