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Saint Luke's Foundation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that helps individuals in need of financial assistance to help acquire medical attention they require.

Saint Luke's Medical Foundation will work with local health care organizations including: clinics, hospitals, labs, and pharmacies to help pay for medical services and prescriptions for qualified individuals. The amount of each grant to individuals and healthcare organizations will be determined on a case by case basis. Prospective grantees interested in this grant program will be required to submit an application for review by the Saint Luke's Medical Foundation Board of Directors. There is no deadline for applications and applications will be accepted continually. All funds will be sent directly to the healthcare provider, hospital, clinic, lab or pharmacy.

Organization Background

Saint Luke’s Medical Foundation was established March 2010 in Fort Collins by Dr. Michael Lynch, PhD, DO, who is board certified in Internal Medicine, and Patricia Lipinski, MSN, FNP-BC, who is board certified in Family Practice.  It was these providers that recognized a financial need with in their patients that was not being met by any currently established organization or federal program. It was for that reason that Saint Luke's Medical Foundation, a 501 (c)(3) organization was created.

Grant to Individuals

Saint Luke's Medical Foundation was founded to help patients who need help funding their medical care needs, in an environment that acknowledges them as a unique individual while preserving their self-respect.  Saint Luke's Medical Foundation responds (as it is able) to the physical needs of patients.  It has been demonstrated repeatedly that even modest financial help, education, and personal encouragement provided at the time of immediate need allows individuals to acquire hope and optimism.  Hope, in turn, motivates them and places them on a pathway toward wellness and improved quality of life.

Grants will be awarded to individuals who need financial assistance in order to pay for medical care, tests, and prescriptions. While the foundation can not fund every applicant, it is the desire of the foundation to assist needy persons who have shown a willingness to help themselves and strive for medical care.

Board of Directors:

Stephen Spelts

  Christopher Hagerty

Vice President
  Charles Cuypers
Attorney at Law

  Michael Lynch, PhD, DO

Board Member
  Patricia Lipinski, FNP-BC

Board Member